For legal reasons due to threats of violence, this is a joke.

What kind of event am I even going to be hosting?

Proposal: 10/10. Everything else: TBD.

John took this photo of our dog, Remy, the day he got the ring.

How a trip to my favorite city reminded me of why I’m a womanist.

New Year’s is not a reset button, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be hopeful.

I really hate filling in the “white” box on the race section of paperwork.

The nagging conflict between my views on body positivity and self-love, and my inability to practice it myself.

“Oh, I have a medical condition, alright. It’s called ‘caring too much’ and it’s incurable.” -Parks and Rec

  • A child being hailed and celebrated as a sacrificial hero for stepping in the path of a school shooter, when he should be celebrated for graduating high school.
  • “The planet is on fucking fire.” -Bill Nye
  • Et-fucking-cetera

How stigma, media, and bureaucracy contribute to a broken mental health system.

Lexi Gasparini

curly hair with a womanist flare

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