• No Baby’s Breath, Literally or Figuratively

It’s an ugly flower and I don’t like children. Don’t bring either of them.

  • Unplugged Ceremony

As the only exception to Rule #1, I am allowing my older sister the option to bring her daughter, my niece Sloane.

If she is in attendance, Sloane…

Between Say Yes to the Dress, its accompanying spin-offs, and My Fair Wedding with David Tutera, cable wedding shows are my jam.

Does anyone else remember that awful show that had four brides attending each other’s weddings and ranking them? Loved that one too!

I used to consume these episodes…

Six months ago, I got engaged to my high school sweetheart. Nine years in the making, the proposal was filled with laughter, tears, and loudly-screamed obscenities on my part. The scene was picture perfect, set in the heart of Nashville, but the road there certainly wasn’t easy.

John took this photo of our dog, Remy, the day he got the ring.

In June of…

Whether it’s because of the ghosts or the food, New Orleans has long been as happy to me as Disney World is to the rest of the earth.

In the spring of 2018, I finally visited the city for the first time as a birthday celebration for me and my…

“I have a Halloween resolution,” I announced, standing in front of my friend’s desk in our office.

Always willing to humor me, she asked with a smile, “What’s that?”

My response to her then is what I’ll say now: I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions. I had come to…

You’ve betrayed me.

You’ve given me asthma and astigmatism and allergies and lactose intolerance. Remember that time you gave me a tumor in my skull? Or when you decided to vomit while trying to break up with someone?

Most painfully, you’ve given me a brain that seems incapable of loving…

Growing up, my nicknames were a byproduct of my petite frame. My mom referred to me as “Skinny Minnie,” but dropped the “Minnie” when I surpassed her in height. I was called Flaca before Orange is the New Black made it cool. …

Warning: Lots of foul language ahead.

  • Abortion bans in Alabama, Georgia, and Ohio, with several other states introducing bills to follow suit.
  • A child being hailed and celebrated as a sacrificial hero for stepping in the path of a school shooter, when he should be celebrated for graduating high school.

In junior year of high school, I watched a lot of crime shows, and fell in love with Dr. Spencer Reid. I wanted to be like him, but after accepting the fact that I wouldn’t be able to handle crime scenes, I decided to study psychology. …

Lexi Gasparini

curly hair with a womanist flare

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